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Captain’s Cove Foreclosure Auction

February 11, 2022 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am


February 11, 2022, 10:00 AM

To be held at the Marina Club in Captain’s Cove Subdivision

3323 Dock Ct., Greenbackville, VA 23356.


The following properties will be auctioned:


Section/Lot: 1-0911, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A1010009110

Assessed Value: $41,500.00


Section/Lot: 1-1025, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A10100102500

Assessed Value: $45,100.00


Section/Lot: 2-0170, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A20100017000

Assessed Value: $5,000.00


Section/Lot: 3-1405, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A30100140500

Assessed Value: $43,700.00


Section/Lot: 3-1418, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A30100141800

Assessed Value: $41,500.00


Section/Lot: 3-1425, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A30100142500

Assessed Value: $41,500.00


Section/Lot: 3-1424, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A30100142400

Assessed Value: $161,400.00


Section/Lot: 3-1440, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005a30100144000

Assessed Value: $228,300.00


Section/Lot: 4-2049, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A40100204900

Assessed Value: $243,300.00


Section/Lot: 5-2567, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A40300256700

Assessed Value: $221,700.00


Section/Lot: 7-0011, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A60100001100

Assessed Value: $163,700.00


Section/Lot: 1-1264, Captain’s Cove

Tax Map No. 005A10100126400

Assessed Value: $2,500.00


TERMS: Minimum Bids will be announced prior to the start of the auction on the date of sale. Announcements made at auction time take precedence over any print, electronic, or verbal information, including but not limited to the Minimum Bid. Successful bidder will be required to deposit with Trustee a deposit (non-refundable) in an amount equal to the lesser of $10,000 or 10% of successful bid in cash or certified funds at time of sale, with the closing to occur within thirty days of the date of said sale. Written one-price bids will be accepted for any of the properties pursuant to the terms set forth in Va. Code § 55.1-1833. There is no warranty relating to right, title, interest, or the like in this disposition. Property is being sold pursuant to Va. Code § 55.1-1833, and title will be conveyed pursuant to statute and subject to all liens or encumbrances as provided in said statute. All information for review by appointment only. Notwithstanding the Minimum Bids announced at the time of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to accept and/or reject all offers. Time is of the essence. Other conditions may be announced at the sale.


TRUSTEE: Pender & Coward, P.C.,

222 Central Park Ave., Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: (757) 490-6261




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